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Post  Nikoletta on Sun May 24, 2015 9:04 pm

Anyone who has a specific relationship with Apollo can you please give me examples of how you knew he was working in your life?

I think he is either attempting to give me a message or he is asking for my devotion either way I need to know how best I can speak to him. I have limited space and means as it being summer I am currently living with my parents or I would have done meditation and prayer to ask him what his wishes were for me.

If anyone could explain to me what I should do that would be just great.

May the Gods be in your favor

May Athena bless you with wisdom


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Apollo Devotees  Empty Re: Apollo Devotees

Post  Erodius on Sun May 31, 2015 6:59 pm

Many people find Apollo appealing. He is among the most commonly represented, mentioned, and venerated of the Classical Gods, and this has been so since Antiquity.

The Gods are not petty. No god will reproach you for failing in proper or due veneration if you are, because of whatever circumstances, simply unable to do so.

The Gods look propitiously on cultivation of a virtuous self and refined mind, on industriousness and due respect.

If those things are all you are able to do for the time being, that is quite sufficient.

"O Best of Gods, blest daimon crown'd with fire . . . hear, and from punishment my soul absolve, the punishment incurr'd by pristine guilt, thro' Lethe's darkness and terrene desire: and if for long-extended years I'm doom'd in these drear realms Heav'n's exile to remain, O grant me soon the necessary means to gain that good which solitude confers on souls emerging from the bitter waves of fraudful Hyle's black, impetuous flood!"
-Iulianic Hymn to Apollon-Helios, ll. 65-106

"Having come for punishment, one must be punished. One must not pull apart the god within oneself."
-Iamblichus, Vita Pythagorica

"Truth would you teach, or save a sinking land,
All hear, none aid you, and few understand."
-Alexander Pope


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