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This forum is, straightforwardly, a place for intelligent discussion and study of Classical Olympianism — other times called Dodecatheism, or, regionally, ‘Ἑλληνισμός’ or ‘Religio Romana’, although these refer more precisely to the Greek-rite and Italic-rite forms of Olympianism. Although we certainly welcome the discussion and study of the entirety of the span and progression of historical Dodecathean religion, the administration of this site comes from a background not only in the academic study of Ancient Antiquity, but also from instruction in the living, extant, and unbroken tradition of the Orphic religion, transmitted from Greece itself — not a reconstruction. As such, we recognize it as fundamentally essential to come to familiarity with the entire “biography” of Olympianist religion, from earliest origins, through the Classical Age, the changes of the Hellenistic period, the Roman Republic and Empire, interactions with and relationships with Judaism, Gnostic sects, and early Christianity, and on through the Byzantine era and the later heads of the Athens Academy, the medieval Peloponnesus, Synesius the Platonist Bishop, the venerable Plethon’s efforts and the Florentine Platonist revival of the Italian Renaissance, Ficino, onward to Thomas Taylor’s devoted translation labors of the late 1700’s. This is not a place for the discussion of witchcraft, plastic-shamanism, UFOs, New-Age, demonology, or ‘paganism’ — there is always a more accurate term of reference. Intellectual and factual honesty will be strictly enforced. This is also not the place for eclectic cafeteria religion. Such is an entirely modern movement that has developed primarily since the 1990's with the advent of the communal disconnection and anonymity of the Internet. This type of religion is entirely unrelated to and irrelevant to the genuine and living Olympianism, in which religion comes from the Gods, in rightly honoring whom humankind may, in turn, be blessed in numerous ways. That said, virtue demands life in accordance with justice, which precludes causing any undue or unjust harm in life or limb to any innocent person. However, she demands also that one stand for and defend what is right and true, and not sit idle in the face of dangerous falsehoods or delusions. That said, anyone is welcome of any religion, or none at all, who sincerely wishes to *learn* about the untarnished treasure of Olympianism Leave your pre-conceptions at the door. Learn what is here to offer as a complete whole, with a student’s heart. Take off your glasses and love the religion that bore Western thought, philosophy, art, architecture and science for what she is, not for what you want her to be, and you will see her beauty that has never faded — "the face that launched a thousand ships", many times over. —— -Personal attacks or harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, skin color, height, weight, language spoken, political affiliation, or physical ability is completely unacceptable. Slurs or offensive/foul language will not be allowed. -Please get permission from the administration if you wish to sell something. Unapproved advertising will be promptly removed. -No spamming. -Read the ‘Stickies’ first -No trolling/posting of irrelevant material -In order that all members can understand each other, we politely ask, for the time being, that all discussions be conducted in English. -Don’t plagiarize, please. Ever. Not here. Not anywhere else either. -Use common sense. -Ask if you don’t understand something. -Don’t ever think you’re finished learning. There will always be more.