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Post  kyledt on Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:20 pm

Recently I have started praying, unaware and unsure to whom, before heading to bed. Well more recently I have been receiving these dreams, but more of a continuation of dreams i had when i would visit my father when i was younger and forced to go to church with them.

The dreams when i was younger started as me jumping fairly high, higher then a human should be able to. This ability then grew and i was able to then float once in the air. After a time i then was able to move while floating, like "fly"

As my dreams progressed, i then realized this found power... I was not only able to fly, but control the air around me and propel my self farther and faster and have gained more control of my flight. i then begin to discover other people whom also have unique abilities, all of which are different.

More recently i have been talking to someone whom encouraged me to pray more often. and i have. With praying more then dreams have changed, they start out with me floating in the clouds. i then fly down to the ground to a path made of polished, smooth gems and jewels, each of a different color and shade, and some embellished with symbols and/or designs. The path is bordered by plant life, grass, flowers, bushes and small trees, all of which are very vibrant and shiny, almost as if they are crystals.
I then reach a spot where there are two figures, at first i was unsure who they where, but i now know that one is a younger man of familiarity and the other a tall female. Strong with posture and pose, very beautiful in which she react ever so slowly glancing and me then smiling in the most gentle, approving way. She then says, "Don't Let go..." with such a strong yet most angelic voice. Her hand on the young mans chest, standing about a foot taller then him, reaches around his neck and undos a necklace.
She then, with necklace in palm, reaches out to me and nods her head ever so slightly implying i take the necklace.
I reach both hands out as she sets it in mine. she then closes mt hands with hers then presses it towards my chest. once she removes her hands i glance down at the necklace and its a simple necklace with a pendant almost like a crest. But once as i look at it i awaken from sleep, as if she wanted it to be the first thing i see when i awaken.

i try to draw each time i can of it, this is the best so far. (the pic is turned side ways) there is more color to is just unsure. how so

Any insight?

Replayin dreams Img_7711


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