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Leto and Aphrodite

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Leto and Aphrodite

Post  WastlII on Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:48 pm

Hello Forum,

I was wondering if the Goddess Aphrodite-Venus and the Goddess Leto-Latona might be somehow connected or even one and the same Goddess?

I'm asking this because I found it strange that Proklos wrote a hymn to the "Lycian Aphrodite, Queen of Lycia" and elsewhere I've read that Leto was actually the "Lady of Lycia". I know that Aphrodite seems to come from the Orient and is connected (or identical) with Astarte and Ishtar-Inanna. And also equated with Arabian Alilat or Allat. And the name of that last Goddess could also be identical with "Leto" or "Latona".

And in Slavic Pantheon there is a Love Goddess named Lada who also carries twins (a girl and a boy).

I just was wondering: maybe Leto and Aphrodite were once one and the same Goddess, but this fact was forgotten by the time the myths were written down? It might maybe explain why Aphrodite had no love affaire with Apollon (as far as I know).

Does anyone know more about this? Is there connection between Leto and Aphrodite?

Kind regards,


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