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Praise Poseidon! Empty Praise Poseidon!

Post  HailOlympos! on Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:32 am

Praise Poseidon, mighty Earth-shaker!
Lord of calm seas and raging waters!
Creator of horses and creatures of splendid proportion,
show me your might!
Thrash your waves upon those who harm your watery realm,
show them that they are unwanted.
O' mighty divinity, your seas hold hidden beauties,
and ravished secrets!
Let friends be harbored,
and enemies be punished for their cruelties against your calm seas!
Let this be your will, and do with it what you must.

I am an idea. An idea of freedom. An idea of individuality...of expression. Ideas cannot die, only grow, and from that...wonders are born.

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