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Post  AgathonZante on Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:38 am

I am curious as to what Orphism is, so can someone describe its core to me, please?

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Re: Orphism

Post  Thrasyvoulos on Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:54 am

AgathonZante wrote:I am curious as to what Orphism is, so can someone describe its core to me, please?

Orphism is a mystery religion focusing on the state of mortality in man, with the hope of the soul one day being able to transcend the chains of the flesh (soma sema - "the body a tomb"), and take it's original place among the Deathless Gods. Divinity is the natural state of the soul, which is itself a portion of the original Dionysos, Zagreus (son of Zeus and Persephone). However, Zagreus was dismembered and consumed by the corrupted Titans, only his heart being spared by Athena who returned it to Zeus, who swallowed it, which allowed for the Dionysos to be reborn later to Semele. When Zeus discovered what the Titans did to his son, he blasted them with lightning, converting them to ash, and from this ash all souls present in the mortal realm today were created. Therefore, all souls in the mortal realm have a dual nature- the Dionysian and the Titanic, the celestial and the earthly/barbaric/sinful. It is the duty of man to nurture this soul-spark, to allow it to flourish, so that one day it may be freed from the bondage of carnality and ascend to it's rightful place among the Gods. This is a slow, slow process, requiring many lifetimes for the soul to evolve to this point, but we have Gods who help us on this path, all the Olympians, and in particular Dionysos, Persephone, Plouton, Hekate.

Also, this page: http://olympianismos.forumotion.com/t234-a-basic-intro-to-orphism

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