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Post  calebofall on Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:22 am

Hi there,

I am new to this forum. I have been a christian theist for about 14 years now but since some time I am exploring polytheism. That is, I do believe in Jesus Christ being a half God, but that there are other gods as well whom I have to recognize. I think there is no evil god and that all deities are good. In such beliefs and thoughts I feel at home and kept safe.

I have some heavy suspicions about the holy writings though, whether they are really all true and to be accepted as holy or as inerrant, though I understand that in hellenistic theology there is no concept of inerrancy regarding the scriptures and writings like the Odysee or the Illias.

I am looking forward to explore hellenistic religion and hope that Zeus and the other venerable deities will bless me as I recognize their love and honor and glory.

If you have any good ideas for books or websides to read and study, I would be very happy. I thank you in advance for your help.

May the Gods keep and bless you and lead you home safely.



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Post  DavidMcCann on Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:15 pm


Christianity is, of course, not inevitably hostile to the gods, unlike Islam or Judaism. If you believe that God exists and created heaven and earth, then heaven can contain the gods. This of course is the view of many African Christians who continue to accept their traditional gods. Most Hellenes of the Roman period accepted that that they and the Christians had the same supreme being, as did Augustine; after all, how many supreme beings can you have?

Good places on the internet are



Reading Greek (and Latin) literature is valuable -- like Plato's "Apology of Socrates", Apuleius's novel 'The Golden Ass", the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles, Plutarch's "Lives" -- to get a feel for the Greek way of thought.

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Post  De Li on Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:26 am

Hello Daniel! Smile Welcome!

If I may insert three things which might help you, or put some thoughts in motion: 1. the [classical] ancient world-view is far more complex and intertwined than the Abrahamic/Christian world-view, 2. ancient world-view understands the world, universe, and infact all of existence as many-tiered and as circles within circles -- eggs within eggs (like Russian stacking dolls), 3. ancient world-view is cyclical rather than lineal -- everything --and that means everything from a singular atom to the whole of the universe-- is born, grows, changes, declines, dies, and is reborn.

Enjoy your journey! It may be a bit daunting at the beginning when everything is so new, but also, because everything is new it is so exciting. To me it was like opening the door to a whole new world -- full of beauty and wisdom! Smile

PS as to Jesus, I personally see him as one of many enlightened (possible divine) teachers (satgurus), who --if so wished-- can be easily incorporated into Hellenistic religion.
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