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What holidays are there

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What holidays are there

Post  Tyberious on Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:26 pm

Ive read in some places that the only "holiday" celebrated was the full moon every month for a certain god. Simply giving thanks and blessing and prayers. Im wondering dose olypianism have any real major holiday or celebration? Specifically dates and such.

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Re: What holidays are there

Post  DavidMcCann on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:52 pm

In ancient times, every city had its own festivals, but the only one for which we have a list is Athens. We can guess a little about the festivals in other cities when we have their calendars: if a month is called Artemisios, there must have been a festival of Artemis.

You can see an Athenian calendar for this year here
The early days of each month were sacred to various gods, and the last to Hekate.

Some modern Hellenes, like the Greek group Labrys, have added extra festivals. They celebrate the Full Moon as a festival of Selene, and have a festival of Helios on Sundays and the day after the winter solstice (Heliogenna).

The Athenian calendar may not be entirely appropriate. They have a first fruits festival, Skira, in midsummer, long before my local harvest is due. Similarly, a festival for the grape harvest doesn't make much sense in Scotland or Ontario! They also celebrate some gods a lot — Dionysos and Apollo — others infrequently or not at all — Hermes and Ares.

You can see my adaptation of the Athenian calendar here

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