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What has everyone been doing?

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What has everyone been doing? Empty What has everyone been doing?

Post  TheSeekingDisciple on Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:46 pm

I have been very busy these past few months with assignments in college. I am taking the Social Work program and I am preparing for placement. It's been pretty stressful. I am excited for my placement since it is at the college with Native Student Advising. I am working with the First Nations (Native American) students on campus since I am native myself. I feel it will be an opportunity to further immerse myself in the culture.

Also, my devotion to Bacchus has been pretty stable and is one of my ways of what they call "self-care" in my field. My other form being reading on the bus. I have been reading a lot of Greco-Roman and Hindu literature. Specifically, I have been reading a lot of Shaiva, Vedic and Tantric literature for Hinduism and Theurgy literature for Greco-Roman religion. I find exploring Hinduism really enriches my Olympianismos practice. On top of that I have been practicing a lot of yoga and it has been working pretty well.

Overall, I have been busy but making time for religious practices. How about everyone else?
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