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Sexual Predators Make Me Mad

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Sexual Predators Make Me Mad

Post  SpiritofApollo on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:53 pm

The whole thing about older people praying on younger people is enough to boil my blood. The whole thing with the football players raping that girl, twenty some men raping a child in a abandon trailer, the guy up in Ohio that raped two girls and a woman, the Smart case, and so much more is why I hate them in all forms and all ways. And the most disgusting of all is Katilyn Hunt, a eighteen-year-old woman that had sex with a fourteen year old girl. Fingering, using a vibrator, tongue, the whole thing. And I know it's sex because lesbians have sex with their partners. She was eighteen when she started the relationship, knowing that it was against the law. Hell, her daddy is a former cop who got fired for breaking the law himself, and he got charged with forgery.

Now the sick woman is going to New York City to be apart of their Gay Pride parade. Apparently she's fooled the gay community into believing that she's being targeted because she's gay. Excuse me, but your being targeted because you broke the law. Just like all those other sick people out there that get their jollies off raping a child. I don't give a damn if your gay, straight, whatever, you rape a child I want you thrown off the nearest cliff. Oh and to make matters worse I'm called a bigot and a Homophobe because I support the rights of children. Excuse me, Katie Hunt supporters but you can slap me with that label because I care about the rights of children.

I was expose to by a child molester and my best friend was raped by this man. Oh but I'm just using my experiences to paint this woman with a wide brush, which is why they think they can call me these names. And then the suing. Apparently it's now against the law, and will get you sued, if you support children's rights not to be molested and raped by older people. Oh and this whole thing just gets even more freaky. If your gay, a advocate, and don't support her, then you can get fired. Two gay advocates got fired from their jobs for stating that they believe that she broke the law and wouldn't support her.

Can we say lawsuit. Going to give you a link so that you can read the truth.

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Re: Sexual Predators Make Me Mad

Post  Apollyon on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:14 am

I am with you, Spirit...

Too often, people focus on being in lockstep with their ideological groups or political alliances that they fail to see the right and wrong of a given situation.

The problem with sexual predators is that society has become weak on them. Now they are advocating that (like gay individuals) they were BORN attracted to young children. Worse: they seem to be gathering traction with that idea.

If that wasnt enough to get your blood boiling, I must turn your attention to the rise of Islam in America. Gangrapes which happen at a frightening rate in the middle east, have been on the rise in Europe where Norway and Sweden have seen a skyrocketing rape rate (In fact, near to 90% of all rapes in these nations are Middle eastern immigrants raping native Europeans for their 'provacative' dress). This has been going on for the last few years...NOW, it is gaining a foot hold in America due to the political correctness of far too many people....
I shall include a link to the article I am directing you to....I am uncertain on the rules for this, so if it is removed, I understand.


It IS enough to boil my blood, Spirit....and I fear it will only get worse before it gets better.
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