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The Disguised God my experienc

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The Disguised God my experienc Empty The Disguised God my experienc

Post  Linda on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:04 pm

The Disguised God - my experience
(there it comes, the full title)

The Disguised God (Förklädd Gud in Swedish) is a piece of music I've always liked, but never really paid that much attention to. It's been one of the more obscure parts of our national musical treasure, and every time I've heard it, I've been delighted by it, but not really feeling the urgent need to dig deeper into it. And 'later' never happens, right. Mostly because I've often been just listening to the lovely music and never bothering with the lyrics.

So this National Holiday there was a concert complete with choir at the church nearby where I live, and my mother had read about the concert in the local paper and wanted to go hearing it, and she asked me to come as well. And I was like OK! So I went there and met up with my mother half way there and we were there in good time for good seats. A good choice since the place got quite crowded eventually.

After the short introductions of the choir and the soloists the music started. The lovely tunes! And then came the reciting and the song lyrics.

And for the first time I found out!

This lovely musical story is about Apollo being sent to earth to serve for a year. To walk around mortals as a god in disguise. It's about how little we might know that the stranger sitting next to us by the table might be a god in disguise, caring about us, helping us in silence and un-notified.

I was delighted; I actually got teary eyed of the beauty of it all.

And here comes the absurd part. And it was to hear this very Christian priest in this very Christian church reciting the spoken parts of this story of one of our gods rather than theirs. Letting Apollo inside of this Old School Lutheran church, and without a second thought of how the god already reciting there would react! I really felt that I've fallen down the rabbit hole at that time.

A great rabbit hole mind you. With a tea party where everyone is invited regardless of faith. A tea party where Jesus can pass the milk to Apollo and no one would think it strange. A tea party were I'd love to stay a little longer at, and to return to, if just in mind, when the world feels like cruel. Because it's a tea party of respect and of love and open-mindedness. And lovely music

It sure was a national holiday to remember.

The lyrics and the music of this piece is posted here, because I felt it being a good idea to separate those two parts.
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