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Hellenistic Religions, Martin

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Hellenistic Religions, Martin

Post  Erodius on Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:59 pm

This is just to recommend a very easy-reading and extremely well-done work by the Luther H. Martin, Chairman of the Department of Religion at the University of Vermont, on the several primary religious movements of the Hellenistic world. It is a short read, but it imparts a very solid, and I think essential, understanding of Greek and Hellenistic religions as they were through the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial eras, through which they thrived for almost five hundred years.

The religion of Golden Age Athens was already largely ancient history by Roman times, and I think, probably due to historians general neglect of Hellenistic religion (on which I am presently writing a final term paper and have discovered a troublesome dearth of books), many people forget or are unaware that the final form of Graeco-Roman religion at the time of the Christian takeover of the imperial government had a very different character from that of, for instance, Sokrates' time.


Whether one directly adheres to these movements or not, I think it is essential for anyone connected with Classical religion to be versed in the Hellenistic movements, and this is the best overview I have come across.

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